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About us

Deborah  Greer:  Owner, Horse Show Judge, Instructor, Trainer.

Certifications: ARIA (American Riding Instructor Assoc)Level I and Level II Hunt Seat Eq.
       OHSA (Open Horse Show Assoc) Level I Judge Judge ID: J390

Instructor of the Month through the American Riding Instructors Association 

Hi, my Name is Deborah, I am from Mildenhall, Suffolk, England. I started riding when I was very young, it was probably the only thing that I would rush to get to. I would bike quite a few miles after school to get to my riding stables 'The Reeders of Worlington' just to muck stalls and groom my horse and as many others as I could fit in! I was taught from the beginning that I needed to groom and tack myself, learn what the names were for the parts of the horse, learn to braid/plait and all the other responsibilities that came with horse riding. I aim to pass this on to ALL of my students.
I was instructed by Mrs. Reeder and enjoyed participating in shows, trail rides and Gymkhana's.  Most of my riding lessons were taught in the fields, forests, trail etc, I remember riding in the arena on rainy days only, "it makes for a better rider!" my trainer would say.  I went on to college and rode on and off throughout the years on Cross Country rides and Hacking Out  until I moved to the USA and continued training. I am actively training and/or competing in Hunter/Jumpers myself.

I have been working with horses and teaching all throughout my life, it is my passion.....it is what I am the happiest doing and it shows in my students riding, especially at shows or out on the trails.

Nothing makes me happier than to see one of the kids or even the adults reach their goals. Even if it is to get the posting trot, canter for the first time, hop over a tiny cross rail or jump 3'6" courses, it matters not to me. I just love to see the joy on the faces of the people I teach, when they finally feel victorious.

I love to take students out on a trail ride for the first time, or have the students gallop on the beach or up a hill for the first time.......it's a different kind of riding and it broadens the experience of the rider. Not to mention how much the horses love to get out. 

I believe in the value of hard work and also in giving back. I often take students to different animal related facilities to educate them in the value of volunteering. Most of the time the places we go to are so much fun, it never feels like work!

Our Barn:

I found a lot of barns in the area that were 'show barns' or 'lesson barns,' all of which have great programs. SUFFOLK STABLES is different, it has become a really great place for 'EVERYONE' to come and ride. From Child to adult, the horses are at all levels, I have super quiet beginner horses and ponies and super talented jumpers for the advanced riders, all the horses at Suffolk Stables are fully trained. The horses show at local shows and rated shows. No requirements to own, buy, lease...... just come out and ride. My horses are available for shows and trips out and for leasing by the month.

The barn is like it's own little family. Everyone from the Adults to the young kids cheer for each other and support each other, especially at shows. Even if a rider does not do very well at a show they still feel like champs, thanks to the support and love from their
"Barn Buddies and family!"
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